About us

AIR is related to Andres and Reyes but not only with the mix of oxygen, nitrogen and argon. From our point of view, this mix is not transparent.

Through technique we try to express a concrete moment of reality in photography. From our experience as architects, we look for this reality with the most naturality possible. This constant search make us explore other fields like; material definition, scene lighting, etcétera; the story to tell and the spectator´s eye are common factors in visualization world.

Andres Infantes, born in 1979, has been an architect since 2006 receiving the HOLCIM sustainability award for his final project ‘Urban Circus’.
He is a specialist in architecture modelling and surfaces texturizing, giving special interest to lighting techniques.
His interests are painting, riding his fixed gear bike and open water swimming. He meditates from 6.00 to 6.30 am to face the daily adventure with optimism and to not stop being in the present.

Reyes Leon, born in 1980, has been an architect since 2005.
She also has studied visualization techniques focused on digital art postproduction applied to photography and special effects filmmaking at Gnomon School of Visual Effects (Hollywood, CA).
Her interests are pilates, and designing and creating knitting clothes like a new form of yoga.

Together they founded Gyrarchitects as an office exclusively dedicated to National and International Competitions.
They have recieved awards in many of them like the Kaohsiung Maritime Culture and Pop Music Center in Taiwan, Mapo Cultural Complex, Animation Center and Creative Play Supporting Facility, all of them in Seoul.
They have collaborated for architectural offices in Madrid and have worked In London on the project for the new terminal T2A at Heathrow airport.

Nowadays they are specialized in visualization, especially the ones that will surround us in the future. AIR is about unbuilt architecture.